About Me

Music Composer/Sound Designer
Specializing in:

★ Interactive/Generative/Procedural Techniques for Games (Music & Sfx)
★ 3D Immersive Audio for VR (Ambisonics/Binaural)

Proficient in:

★ Wwise, Fmod, Unity3d
★ ProTools, Reaper, Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, etc.
My vision:

★ Music, Sound, Noise are indistinguishable parts in a Continuum.
★ This Continuum is my own palette.
My technique is mainly focused on chance operations and generative systems.

I can bring my vision to Your Project to help you making it stand out via cutting-edge Generative Soundscapes and Musicscapes. Contact me at: paoloiocca@gmail.com

★ I also have 20+ years experience in Songwriting, Music Arrangement, Production & Live Performance (solo and group), which gave me skills in most genres and styles.
★ I love bending all those music clichés to my own perspective.
★ BTW: my main instrument is the Guitar played with heavy use of unorthodox techniques and stompboxes. I am also a skilful Computer Music Producer.